Vexhellia Map
Map showing the area of Vexhellia
Flag of Vexhellia
Vital statistics
Type Constitutional Monarchy
Level Era 1 Civilization
Location Swamp
Inhabitants 2


Vexhellia is an empire in Civilizations ruled by asibs121. There are two members of the civilization, asibs121 and Diamond_Cupcake7. While considered the first real empire, it was initiated after Capitalia, as Capitalia will function as a worldwide center of diplomacy. The capital city is Vexhellius, which will be located on the peninsula by Lake Vorah. One of the most iconic landmark in the nation is Mt. Vexhellia, an active volcano which last erupted before colonization.


The area within Vexhellia is completely inhospitable in most places, yet is still the homeland of the crew from space shuttle AV-156. Space Shuttle group AV-156 crash landed here, barely landing softly enough for a safe exit from the cramped space shuttle. Originally, the crew of 367 (33 died along the way to the GLIESE system) landed along the border of the rainforest. As soon as they emerged from the cockpit, they were attacked by a native creature (Ghast). They fled into a cave along the side of a mountain, and began to settle in with what little wood they had. From there, they began to settle in and make large castles of stone, and rebuild what was once humanity on this desolate and empty world.


Vexhellia is one of the first empires to reach out to the world and start up foreign relationships. The citizens within the country are given many rights and are only involved in foreign conflicts if