MarkCovo Map
Map of MarkCovo
Map of Markovo
Vital statistics
Type 1st Era Civilization
Level Unavailable
Location Icy Peninsula
Inhabitants 1


MarkCovo is an empire run by Mark_LeMaire in the taiga for Civilizations. The primary culture of the area is unique because of its distinct hybrid between Brittish and Russian culture. One such example is the MarkCovo Palace, a large palace within the capital cities border. The MarkCovo Harbor has a large armada of naval ships and submarines, as well as a series of lighthouses lighting up the shore (Correct this if it's wrong!)


MarkCovo was originally referred to as "MeerCovo". During these times, MeerCovo was often attacked and destroyed, but frequently rebuilt and prospered until its dismantling and abandonment when the server went public. It was then reborn and renamed to MarkCovo when Mark_LeMaire learned of Civilizations. In order to prevent any other attacks like MeerCovo experienced in the past, Mark_LeMaire has prepared a large naval force to defend the territory,


MarkCovo's national animal is the wolf due to its prominence in the area, as well as a gesture of respect for Laika, the first organism to enter space launched by the Russians in 1959. The prince of MarkCovo is user Lored22, and the queen is Laika, the dog. MarkCovo's borders are always open to strangers as long as they are not aggressive.