Introduction Edit

One of CraftyCrunches gamemodes, and likely the most widely used gamemode is our creative worlds. The two worlds are our Cityplots, and our Plots. They were created when the server first went public and have been widely used since.

Tools Edit

Many tools have been provided for players to build easier or faster. These include PlotMe, WorldEdit, and VoxelSniper (only available in v5).

Cityplots Edit

Our cityplots world was created to encourage players to build large-scale projects, such as cities, massive buildings, redstone, and much, much more. It has since been a feature almost exclusive to CraftyCrunch (As far as we know) and is one of the most popular features of the server.

Plots Edit

Our plotworld is a creative world made primarily for smaller builds, such as small houses, redstone contraptions, or just overall experimenting.