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First Idea originated on April 25th 2015
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Civilizations is an upcoming gamemode created primarily by asibs121 with assistance from the other staff. The theme of it is to simulate how civilizations on Earth work. The gamemode only features three nations at the moment, which are listed below. The gamemode is highly inspired by the "Minecraft Civilizations Experiment"

Current Empires

Currently, there are only 3 empires planned out, Capitalia, Vexhellia, and MarkCovo. Anyone is able to create and build up their empires, although very difficult to run one single-handed, and it is encouraged you get a few friends to join you. If you do plan to found an empire, it is near essential you tell a staff member, so your empire can be added to the worldmap.

Name Ruler Location Other Members Empire Level Empire Class
Capitalia colebob9 World Spawn plasmicpanda 1st Era Unavailable
Vexhellia asibs121 Swamps Diamond_Cupcake7 1st Era Unavailable
MarkCovo Mark_LeMaire Taiga Unavailable 1st Era Unavailable

Empire Statistics

Every empire has its own statistics within the world. In this, we have an Empire Level, and Empire Classes. An Empire Level is determined by the era it was founded in. Currently, there are only 1st Era empires. An Empire Class is determined by how powerful/ important an empire is. For example, the US would be a Class 5, while North Korea would be a Class 1. Currently, classes haven't been determined for any empires.

Class # Description Empires within the class
Class 1 Weak, new empires that aren't very large. None yet
Class 2 Bigger than Class 1 with larger military, but not too significant None yet
Class 3 Decent military, decent sized, but nothing too dangerous None yet
Class 4 Very strong, usually a decent competitor to a class 5, but still significantly weaker. None yet
Class 5 World Powers, very powerful, capable of destroying many empires None yet